An Irritating Winter Morning (With Compassion)

You know it’s been one of those mildly irritating mornings when:

1) Try and unplug the car and the plug comes off the block heater cord rather than uncoupling from the extension.  Feel compassion for the poor cord that got its head ripped off.
2) Go to pick up a food order.  No one answers the door.
3) Go to the grocery store to pick up a brocoli and some high end granola as a Holiday gift along with some cakes to put in the Xmas donation baskets.  Due to a power outage the previous day, the cashes aren’t taking plastic money so do a reverse trip through the store putting everything back in the shelves.  Feel compassion for the cashiers having to deal with irritated people.
4) Try to pick up the food order again.  Still no one at the door.  Feel compassion for your toes which are frozen at this point.
5) Came home and call your boss.  Get the answering machine.  Come to think of it, with the morning’s track record, it might be a good thing that he doesn’t pick up!

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