My Boss’ Bran Muffins

Sweeter than the Date Bran and Pecan muffins from last week, these are an easier sell to the average palate.

Date Bran and Pecan Muffins

This recipe is healthy enough to eat for breakfast and the muffins are sublime served up with a bit of nut butter or virgin coconut oil.

Red Bean Spice Cake

Moist and perfumed with orange and spice, a flavourful addition to tea-time.

Rhuberry Compote

Stunning colour, incomparable flavor – revamp your next breakfast experience with this easy fruit spread.

Oatmeal Date Cookies (Vegan)

This is basically the recipe for oatmeal and raisin cookies without the raisins and with the cinnamon scaled back a notch.  And then enter lots of dates and coconut because that’s what was staring me in the face when I opened the pantry.  Besides: is there anything better than cookies and herbal tea for breakfast…

Banana-Date-Pinto Bean Cookies (don’t knock’em ’til you try’em)

While I haven’t forgotten about the last installment of the articles on caffeine-containing herbs, I have had to temporarily put it on hold in order to prepare the cooking classes that I’ve been giving in the local community of late. This week’s class is on cooking with beans, above and beyond the pea soup and…