Supper Stewp

Stewp: a one-pot meal of comfort with whole grain something, bean-based something and tons of vegetable somethings in a savory and flavourful broth of some kind. 

Spaghetti Cabbage Salad

Gluten-free ‘spaghetti’ to serve as salad – or to make and use as the substrate for your favourite sauce!

Job’s Tears with Broccoli

Job’s tears have to be the strangest grain I’ve had the honour of meeting. It’s time more people met with it.

A Classic Black Bean Soup

Black bean soup will never win prizes in food photography but it’s silky in the mouth and satisfying in the belly.

Nut Cutlets

A nice alternative to seitan cutlets if you want something gluten free, or just something a bit different.

Hearty Vegetable Soup

If you keep up on Canadian weather, I’m in one of those places where the “Polar vortex” has kept spring at bay and temperatures sub-zero. So instead of frolicking in dandelion greens and fiddleheads, it’s still winter fare as the snow falls outside. Soup weather: to help with the sniffles and warm the shivering bones,…