Beet Stem Curry (Dahta)

If your garden is overflowing with beets, then you’ve likely also got tons of beet stems to make use of. Try this!

Samosa Pie

This one I owe to my sister. It’s chatting in her kitchen on a Sunday evening that I witnessed her bake samosa filling into a pie crust and mentally declared it genius.

Spicy Tomato Soup

A thick and unctuous tomato soup, fragrant with Indian spices and naturally sweetened with lots of squash and a wee bit of beets.

Awesome Indian-Style Veggies and Grains

As so often happens, the recipe I ended up making was nothing like the one I’d initially planned on.  For starters there isn’t even any pineapple in it and the point of the exercise when I began was to use some of the pineapple that’s ready on the kitchen counter.  But it’s a good thing…

Saag Paneer (Vegan & Vegetarian Versions)

When you live hundreds of miles from a cosmopolitan city center (yes, seriously), it can be hard to find quality ethnic cuisine.  Around here, restaurant fare offers you the choice between fries, mashed potatoes and poutine.  There isn’t even a decent pizza to be had!  This gives you the choice of doing without the food…

Making a Killer Curry Powder

Let’s start by getting this out of the way: Curry Powder is not East Indian cuisine.  Not by a long shot.  In Indian cuisine, curry is a labour of love with a masala (spices) made fresh for a dish pretty much every time.  The spice blends used will vary by dish, by region and by…