Creamy Cabbage Stew

For my Mother: the first of a series of Quarantine Cabbage recipes. It’s what she has in her larder and these are ideas for her on how to use it!

“Garbage” Hash

Doesn’t sound appetizing does it. It is. The name has a story. Keep reading to find out what it is.

Samosa Pie

This one I owe to my sister. It’s chatting in her kitchen on a Sunday evening that I witnessed her bake samosa filling into a pie crust and mentally declared it genius.

Zucchini Potage

This is the recipe for that zucchini, the one that hid under the leaves of the plant and below the growing vine getting huge.

Harvest Tempeh Bake

This is the recipe you take out when you want to impress for Thanksgiving dinner and take advantage of the late-season harvest. Tasty, savory, 100% comfort food – this bake doesn’t only look pretty! Consider yourself warned however: this is not a recipe you make on a weeknight when you’re pressed for time. It also…