Special Occasion Soybean Stew

This is the stew to end all stews. It has lots of different textures, tons of umami, a variety of oven-roasted vegetables and a thick and delectable gravy: perfect for that extra-special occasion.

Pumpkin Bread

The natural sweetness, moistness, depth and flavour of winter squash means that you can reduce on sugar and oil, creating a dessert that combines decadence with health.

Almond-Pumpkin Granola

Looking for a granola that forms crunchy mouth-watering clusters without any added oil or sugar?  Look no further, this is the recipe for you.

Three-Squash Soup

One of my co-workers had a particularly productive spaghetti squash harvest and as a result, I’ve been gifted with a couple dozen the beautiful gourds. When you’ve got 21 spaghetti squash hanging about, there’s only so much squash and tomato sauce a person can take. So I’ve been branching out, finding other ways to use…