Red Bean Spice Cake

Moist and perfumed with orange and spice, a flavourful addition to tea-time.

Mixed White Bean and Chive Dip

The chives are up in the garden and in search of a bit of spring, this dip served warm with fresh vegetables, artisan crackers and a quick salad ushers in the first of the season we’ve seen up North.

Savory Fava Bean Stew

Simple spicing, creamy fava beans, rich tomato broth: it’ll be love at first bite.

A Tempeh Tutorial

The basics to making your tempeh at home: finer flavor for a fraction of the price.

Baked Beans Bourgignon

I’ve always though that baked beans and Bourgignon sauce combined would be a match made in heaven.  Think about it.  Baked beans. With wine. And rosemary. And lots of roasted mushrooms. After trying it the verdict is that it’s damn decadent: pure comfort food be it for breakfast, lunch or supper. At breakfast, it can…

Bean, Beet and Buckwheat Bake

This recipe has lots of robust and earthy flavours going for it: great when the weather turns cold and you want something warm and homey.  It’s also got lots of layers with a multitude of textures to keep you interested from first bite to last. Like the Harvest Tempeh Bake however (and most baked dishes…

Quinoa-Bean Burgers (and Variations)

I’ve been dithering about whether on not to post this recipe for a few days now.  It’s good, it’s reliable, but it isn’t fabulous.  It is quick to put together and freezes well.  It does use up leftovers.  But what really tipped the scales in favour of posting is that it illustrates a basic veggie-burger…