Creemy Leeky Quinoa

This pillowy bed of quinoa is a dreamy backdrop for roasted veggies of all kinds.

Baked Barley (and/or Buckwheat)

The calendar may say summer, but the thermometer said 4 degrees Celsius this morning. That begs for something warm baking in the oven. Result: baked barley.

Spring Salad with Basilicious Dressing

This vibrant blend of herbs that smothers a variety of vegetables and grains along with the occasional sweetness of a plump raisin: it’s magic for the mouth. Just try it and see.

Messy Rice and Veggies

Ready in under twenty minutes and feeds two as a main course or four as a side-dish.  Perfect.

Awesome Indian-Style Veggies and Grains

As so often happens, the recipe I ended up making was nothing like the one I’d initially planned on.  For starters there isn’t even any pineapple in it and the point of the exercise when I began was to use some of the pineapple that’s ready on the kitchen counter.  But it’s a good thing…

Quinoa-Bean Burgers (and Variations)

I’ve been dithering about whether on not to post this recipe for a few days now.  It’s good, it’s reliable, but it isn’t fabulous.  It is quick to put together and freezes well.  It does use up leftovers.  But what really tipped the scales in favour of posting is that it illustrates a basic veggie-burger…