Weeknight Pasta

Two pots, a few ingredients (usually whatever’s on hand in the vegetable crisper) and voilà – supper.

Crunchy Spring Salad with Chive Dressing

Spring is finally kicking into gear up here in the North and the chives are up along with the mint, try this beautiful bright green dressing featuring the two.

Scape Soup

Start savouring the taste of summer and the early crops from garden or market.

Making an Awesome Herbal Oil

In the article on Topical Herbal Preparations, I promised that there would be a detailed account of how to make really amazing herbal oils; so here we are. In Western Herbalism, herbal oil on its own is usually used to rub into sore muscles, to hydrate and/or repair the skin, or as a surface pack…

Topical Herbal Alternatives

My Mother called me a while back with a bad muscular ache and asked me what herbs or medication she could take to make it feel better, ibuprofen hadn’t been helping much.  I asked her if she’d considered A535 or Myoflex rub.  There was a bit of a stunned silence on the other end of…

Thoughts on Breastfeeding and Herbal Galactogogues

‘’That’s how you can tell who the Mothers are,’’ the nurse at the Children’s Hospital told her colleague in training, ‘’they’re the ones walking across the hall with a breast hanging out and oblivious to it.’’ The observation was made as I brought my own little one into the blood test area. I was that…