Special Occasion Soybean Stew

This is the stew to end all stews. It has lots of different textures, tons of umami, a variety of oven-roasted vegetables and a thick and delectable gravy: perfect for that extra-special occasion.

Weeknight Tempeh

This tempeh recipe will become a weeknight go-to because it’s fast and has only five ingredients. It’s also super-tasty!

A Tempeh Tutorial

The basics to making your tempeh at home: finer flavor for a fraction of the price.

Harvest Tempeh Bake

This is the recipe you take out when you want to impress for Thanksgiving dinner and take advantage of the late-season harvest. Tasty, savory, 100% comfort food – this bake doesn’t only look pretty! Consider yourself warned however: this is not a recipe you make on a weeknight when you’re pressed for time. It also…