Beet Root Soup

Every autumn comes with a variation on borscht and this is the 2017 version.

Zucchini Potage

This is the recipe for that zucchini, the one that hid under the leaves of the plant and below the growing vine getting huge.

Scape Soup

Start savouring the taste of summer and the early crops from garden or market.

Spring-Hued Soup

A creamy and freshly-flavoured bowl of spring goodness that’s as tasty at room temperature as it is piping hot.

Cabbage Soup

A wonderful bowl of comfort and warmth during the winter months; accessible even when there’s very little fresh produce to choose from.

Hearty Vegetable Soup

If you keep up on Canadian weather, I’m in one of those places where the “Polar vortex” has kept spring at bay and temperatures sub-zero. So instead of frolicking in dandelion greens and fiddleheads, it’s still winter fare as the snow falls outside. Soup weather: to help with the sniffles and warm the shivering bones,…