Pistachio-Zaatar Butter

Making your own nut butter will outdo what the store can supply anytime. (PS – it also makes a great holiday gift!)

Holiday Frootcake

Richly studded with nuts, roots and fruits – an unexpected combination to add to your baking arsenal.

Red Bean Spice Cake

Moist and perfumed with orange and spice, a flavourful addition to tea-time.

Shortcut Curry

While it’s nice to spend the day chopping, sautéing and simmering – sometimes you just want dinner on the table quickly and easily. But you don’t want it to taste like tin can beans and tomato sauce… Shortcut curry it is. While there are dozens of variations on the theme, this one works by jazzing…

Making a Killer Curry Powder

Let’s start by getting this out of the way: Curry Powder is not East Indian cuisine.  Not by a long shot.  In Indian cuisine, curry is a labour of love with a masala (spices) made fresh for a dish pretty much every time.  The spice blends used will vary by dish, by region and by…

Becoming a Garam Masala Gourmet

Depending on your source, garam masala is a typically North Indian blend of spices, a blend hailing from the Punjab region of India (which is in the North), or a blend of spices varying from region to region of India.  Other spice combinations going by the name ‘’garam masala’’ are also made, modified by the…

Discovering Ras El Hanout

So what exactly is Ras El Hanout and where does it fit in the great spice world? It’s a signature spice of North African, and more specifically Moroccan cuisine, added to such dishes as mrouzia, tajine and couscous. Pretty much every blog and on-line spice vending site offers the same blurb on the subject, specifying…