A Few Photos

Usually there are recipes.  Right now, I’ve been doing so much cooking for class that there just isn’t much time left to translate all those intuitive essays into precise measurements that can be reliably reproduced.  It’s the beauty of training at the School of Natural Cookery: you’re no longer bound by recipes.  It also makes recipe blogging more challenging since you get out of the habit of consigning measurements down.  My recipes now look like ingredient lists with an occasional ratio thrown in for memory’s sake…  While I figure out how to reconcile my new cooking reality with posting for posterity, how about a few photos?

This month in class is living foods!  While I don’t think it will ever be my main method of alimentation, it is a lovely addition for both variety and creative expression.  So here’s a slideshow of some of what’s come out of this exploration:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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